Healing After Your Hair Transplant

//Healing After Your Hair Transplant

Healing After Your Hair Transplant

Healing After Your Hair Transplant

Congratulations on making the big decision to get a hair transplant procedure at Hair Aspire, and thanks for working with us. We hope that you have gained a positive experience during your procedure and made it safe. FUE hair transplantation has one of the highest patient satisfaction rates of any cosmetic procedure and we expect that you will very quickly get excited about your results. Therefore, keep this manual handy in the coming days, as it will serve as a guide for your recovery.


Back Home after Your Hair Transplant

Once your best hair transplant procedure has been completed, you should ensure that someone brings you home because you should not drive for the rest of the day. Your doctor will send you home with a gauze around your scalp to protect your newly implanted grafts. This gauze wrap stays around your head until it is removed during your postoperative examination, which may be 1 or 2 days after your procedure.

It is important that you always pay attention to your head after the procedure. You want to prevent you accidentally bumping your head against something and as a result of that grafts come loose. You also want to prevent pressure on your scalp or to rub it in one way or another. During the first few nights after your hair transplant, sleep with your head slightly raised. Some even recommend placing a towel under your scalp in case blood flows from the donor area (which is rare). Ensure that the top of your scalp or receiver does not come into contact with your pillow while sleeping.

Day 1-3 after your Hair Transplant

The day after your procedure you will probably be instructed to go back to your hair transplant specialist in Lahore to have the gauze cover removed. At this time, your doctor will also ensure that your grafts begin to heal correctly and that there are no complications. There should be minimal pain and discomfort right now, although painkillers are prescribed to help with comfort.

To guarantee a good recovery in the next 3 days, there are some simple things that you should avoid. Don’t let your scalp get wet at this time. When you shower, wash your body only and avoid your hair. Do not smoke or drink alcohol, as this will disrupt your healing. You should also avoid direct sunlight, as this can also reduce healing and cause scarring.

After a few days you are encouraged to wear a loose-fitting and breathable hat to protect your scalp from the sun. Avoid heavy exercise and weightlifting during this period and make sure you follow a balanced and healthy diet that supports healing.

Weeks 1-3 weeks after your Hair Transplant Procedure

In the 3 weeks after your hair transplant you must remain calm and avoid strenuous exercise, smoking and drinking alcohol. You should avoid exposing your scalp to strong sunlight and chlorinated water for 2-3 weeks after your operation. Do not use styling products in the first week because the chemicals they contain can damage your grafts. None of these activities will destroy your results, but they will contribute to sub optimal healing and certainly affect your results.

After the first week has elapsed, you can start resuming for normal hair care activities. You are encouraged to gently clean your hair daily with baby shampoo. Avoid aggressive shampoos such as rose shampoos that can dry out your hair follicles. To ensure proper healing, your grafts must be constantly fed and nourished.

Assuming you follow your aftercare directions properly, the fact that you had a hair transplant after about 1 week should be unnoticeable. You may also receive medication for swelling and inflammation after the operation. Even with the medication, some patients tend to experience a slight swelling around the forehead, nose and eyes. This is not a cause for concern and should disappear by the end of the first week.

What Results Should I Expect after my Hair Transplant?

After your hair transplant procedure, it may take 5 to 10 weeks for your hair follicles to begin to grow clearly. You may notice that newly transplanted hairs are currently falling out. This is completely natural, because the hair can fall out, but the follicles remain. After the hairs have fallen, the follicles that have been transplanted will produce healthy and strong hairs, just like those on the back and sides of your scalp.

After about 6 months, your hair must be long enough to comb back and, in most patients, fully grown within 1 year. It should take no more than 12 months to see definitive results and most patients have a full head of hair in 9 months. In the coming months it is important that you maintain proper hair health to maximize your results. Simple things like including omega-3s and biotin supplements in your diet can help make a difference in your hair health and maximize your results.

If you are concerned about your results, do not hesitate to contact us at Hair Aspire Lahore. We are here to help you maximize your results and ensure that you feel confident and happy with your treatment.

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